The Teal Gate

I mentioned teal so I have to say. I have always wanted a teal eg6, 92-95 civic si hatchback preferably with a k20a swap and all the JDM goodies.

Now that I have that out of the way… I originally thought this shot was a loss. Mainly because all the noise in the shadows. However, tonight I decided to revisit it after doing some freelance work and also because I have not had time to shoot lately so you know… utilize what you have, right.

I brought this back into Photomatix, zeroed out the saturation in the shadows, because that is mainly where the noise was, and processed the hell out of this thing. Okay really took me about 5 minutes but I think it is a very interesting shot. Especially in landscape orientation. Makes you think for a second, what is this a picture of, but then you get it and realize that it is in fact pretty sweet.

Regardless, enjoy the photo!

Teal Gate

Teal Gate

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