St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Washington IL

The feel of this shot reminds me of my first HDR shot for the website, The Tower at the Heights Tower Park. I really wish I had a wider lens so I could have captured more of the architecture in the frame, but this will do. I am very happy with the detail/texture on the exterior of the tower and the spiritual feel of the sun flare. Lightroom shines again with the sharpen/noise reduction. It really does an amazing job. If you have not tried Lightroom yet get over to the adobe site and download a free trial, Adobe Lightroom 3.

Check out their website: St. Mark’s Church Washington IL

Enjoy the photo!

St Mark's Lutheran Church

St Mark's Lutheran Church

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  1. prosem says:

    If any of you were wondering I rarely crop my photos. Actually it kills me to crop a photo. It is like throwing pixels away, so I make sure to frame it how I want it.

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