Snow Drift 2011

Just wanted to share an image from last year that I never shared. This was in February when we had the big snow storm in the Peoria IL area. Originally I thought this was not a very good shot, but I guess it shows the snow drift that formed infront of my front door. A couple tweaks in Lightroom and this turned out to be a decent shot.

This also makes me think why it is currently 50 some degrees in January. I am thinking that the seasons are starting to shift for some reason. So come around March we are going to see snow and colder temps.

Me myself and I am not that big of a believer in global warming. I know that there is some evidence there that evidently proves this but it just doesn’t make sense to me. Seeing record highs on local TV stating that it was a high 60 degrees back in 1953 in December seems to disprove this pretty straight forward for me… But who am I?

Enjoy the photo


Snow Drift 2011

Snow Drift 2011

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