Lunch Break Photo Shoot #5: Fire Training Building off Galena Road

This is a shot I was probably not suppose to take. The gates were open at this place. I went up to the main office but no one answered. I figured it wouldnt hurt to take a quick pic.

I am glad I did because this building turned out wonderful. I just shot the building because it really is spectacular and really there as not much else to shoot around here. Firemen have training in this building for fire school. They start fires and then put them out. Not sure how many, but there have probably been tens of thousands of fires inside this building. The second shot really shows how the flames come out of the windows. I went around the side of it and I could see what I thought was smoke but probably just ash blowing out. If it was smoke they really could have had training in the morning or last night. Pretty sweet. I would have liked to go inside the building, but would not have without some permission. Maybe I will check back and see if someone will show me inside.

Enjoy the photo!

Fire Training Building

Fire Training Building

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