Freaky Clouds on a July Night

This storm was rolling in so I had to grab my camera. I got this shot right when it started raining.

The clouds were seriously crazy, they were rolling and building on each other. Truly amazing. I figured there was going to be a funnel cloud of some sort, but no go…

Enjoy the photo!

Freaky Clouds on a July Night

Freaky Clouds on a July Night

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5 Responses to Freaky Clouds on a July Night

  1. Stephen G. Petrany says:

    Amazing! And you got the sun in the shot too…

  2. prosem says:

    Barely, it was almost gone. I wish I could have kept shooting because there were some great colors at dusk, but it sprinkled for ever.

  3. Lori Birkland says:

    This is an amazing shot. Award winning! Did you do anything to photo enhance?

  4. prosem says:

    Thanks Lori!

    Yep, it is an HDR image. Check out my explanations at the top of the page.

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