Endless Elevator

Upon going through some of my older photos, I came across this one. This was before my iPhone4 days so it was shot on my Original Droid. This was shot in the elevator of the Renaissance St. Louis Airport Hotel. Pretty sweet hotel, with a nice little bar connected.

The quality of the image is basically irrelevant here, it is the effect that happens when mirrors are set facing each other. This effect has always baffled my mind that the light just keeps bouncing back and forth into infinity until we cannot make out the reflection. And… just the mere physics that this happens freaking instantaneous. It is my nature to always go through a process in my mind and in this case I imagine a floating image bouncing back in forth between the two mirrors into infinity, but of course this is the speed of light we are talking about and just the fact that it happens instantly is what truly fascinates me.

Anyone else like to share an image of similar composition?

Enjoy the photo!

Not much done here, edited in photoshop camera raw via the camera raw jpeg preference.

Endless Elevator

Endless Elevator

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